Quartzite Campground Drive Thru

This annotated drive-through video will take you into Devil’s Lake State Park’s Quartzite campground from the County Road DL entrance. You will enter the campground (driving South), turn left (East) and drive the full circumference of the campground.  Once around, you will travel past your starting point and turn right to drive down the middle road until your reach the end.  When the video is complete in just over 4 minutes, you will have toured all the quartzite campground.

The intent of our new “drive through” videos is not to help with specific details, but to give you a general feel for each campground or area.  To see a specific site, please head over to our clickable Campsite Photo Maps.

** For better quality, adjust the settings to 720HD video.

** Problems? Open this video directly from YouTube.