Campground Updates – Memorial Weekend

Campground Updates – Memorial Weekend

Here are a few updates to the opening of the shower buildings and campsites surrounding them in Quartzite and Northern Lights.


The shower building and both new pit toilets are now open and available for use.  The new facility has men’s and women’s restrooms and 7 unisex shower rooms and a family shower room.  All shower rooms are first come first serve. The paving around the new shower building was completed just this morning so no vehicles will be able to drive up to the building until after the weekend so the pavement can cure.  Foot traffic is allowed at all times through the weekend.

Northern Lights

The shower building is now open to the public.  It is a smaller version of the shower building in Quartzite (See the pic above.) with a men’s and women’s restroom and 4 unisex shower rooms.

At both sites, all landscaping is new and it will take several weeks for the grass to become established.  Construction fencing is in place to channel foot traffic to the appropriate walk ways.

All other previously closed sites should be available for campers.


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