Picture Perfect Saturday

Picture Perfect Saturday

While the sun hiding behind the clouds doesn’t make for a great beach day, it does make for a great day to take photos! Saturday I joined a group of creative amature photographers for a few hours adventure through the woods and along a stream at Devil’s Lake State Park just to see what we could see. I can’t wait to see what images the group captured along the way. Since I was leading the group, I didn’t get much of a chance to take photos myself, but I did snap one of the blooming American Redbud Trees up by the Nature Center right before I left for the day…

American Redbud

Be sure to check out the park events calendar for tons more upcoming summer events at Devil’s Lake State Park. Of course, there is a chance, depending on how the state budget turns out, that about mid-summer the nature center may not be open.  If you enjoy park programs such as this one, be sure to contact your Wisconsin state representatives ASAP.


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