Devil’s Lake Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon!

Devil’s Lake Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon!

Do you know how hard it is to get people to help pull garlic mustard at Devil’s Lake? Do you know that the invasive species is wiping out sections of Devil’s Lake State Park’s forest undergrowth, lining many hiking trails and preventing native plants and flowers from growing along the way? Well, every year the park tries to get help and every year just a handful of volunteers show up.  Hey, this is YOUR park folks!!

This year the Friends of Devil’s Lake State Park is holding at Garlic Mustard Pull-a-thon and giving away prizes to the individual and group that pulls the most bags this spring. You can learn more at the  information session this Saturday (April 11) at 3pm. If you can’t make the session, just stop in at the park nature center any time to get started.

Hey, if you’re not helping us fight this invasion, you can’t really say you’re an outdoorsy, environmentally conscious person who loves Devil’s Lake and the Baraboo Hills now can you?  This is one of those great opportunities to be that person you want to be and take ownership of a place we all love.  (And you might even get some freebies along the way!)

Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon Details

When: From April 13 through May 31, we are challenging you to pull garlic mustard throughout the park (maps of locations are available).

Keep Track: Keep track of how many bags of garlic mustard you fill. There will be a prize for the group and individual with the most bags of garlic mustard. Tracking sheet will be at the North Shore Visitor and Nature Centers.

Pick Up Bags: You can pick up bags from the North Shore Visitor and Nature Center to put your garlic mustard in. All of your bags of garlic mustard can be thrown away in any of the dumpsters located in the park. Garlic mustard is considered a noxious weed, it can be disposed of as waste.

Prizes: There will be prizes for the most bags of garlic mustard for a group and for an individual.

For the individual winner you’ll receive Devil’s Lake T-shirt and a $20 gift certificate to the Chateau or a 2015 Park Sticker.

For the group winner you’ll receive a Devil’s Lake T-shirt and a $40 gift certificate to the Chateau.

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