Trail Conditions, March 14, 2015

Trail Conditions, March 14, 2015

Trails conditions are changing fast with the sudden blast of warm weather, but “wet, muddy & sometimes icey” is the general rule. Yesterday the Steinke Basin and Uplands trails were definitely wet and muddy. Right now you have about 4 inches of water and mud sitting on top of frozen soil below.  Lowland sections and dips are the worst. If you are familiar with these trails, then all the places you’d expect to be wet, are.  Mountain biking would be crazy, dangerous right now.

Both the East Bluff & West Bluff trails can be expected to be fairly dry with sections of ice and snow remaining where the trail has less exposure to sunlight.  Just be sure of your footing. The same could be said for Balanced Rock, Potholes and CCC. These 3 are challenging any time of year, and will be more so at the moment.

Around the lake you can expect the paved trails to be fairly clear, but the Tumbled Rocks trail along the west side of the lake will still have some ice-covered sections that have been shaded by trees or boulders.

With temps near or above 60 over the next 2 or 3 days, trail conditions should continue to improve.. Well, I should say the rest of the snow will melt.. the mud will be around for a while..

** Our “Un-official” Trail Condition Reports are posted whenever it seems appropriate due to seasonal or other changing conditions. Reports are based on our actual trail use, and not based on “out the window” observations.

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