Blue Heron & Golden Eagle

Blue Heron & Golden Eagle

The lake is still frozen. Well, at least it was this morning!  On the other hand, a few Great Blue Heron have returned to the rookery. They even beat the robins and the red-wings this year! It’s probably like going to a concert, the four we found probably came early before all the best nests were taken.

I was out this morning looking around to see if any Turkey vultures or other migratory residents had returned and was pretty much skunked.  Just when I was about to walk back to my car, a dark shadow sailed over me from behind. I looked up and has the most awesome sight, a HUGE Golden Eagle!  I can tell you that it’s pretty rare to see a Golden anywhere, especially at Devil’s Lake. Many times what folks think are Golden eagles are really young Bald eagles. They do look pretty similar. Well, that’s until you see them together or see a Golden up close. They are really, really big. Here’s a couple of pics from this morning’s encounter.

Golden Eagle - Devil's Lake State Park

Golden Eagle looks down at me as if to say, “What are you looking at?”

Golden Eagle - Devil's Lake State Park

Golden Eagle Flys past Devil’s Lake’s rocky cliffs

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  1. Judy Kowalke Tipton

    Golden Eagles are my very favorite bird. I once saw a pair of them in Vilas county, sitting together on a branch that hung out a bit over the narrow road. I parked a few feet away, shut to engine off & watched them for 15 mins,, when they flew away. It was awesome!!!

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