Morning Eagle

Morning Eagle

Out of nowhere, this young eagle soared across the road just in front of my windshield. I almost went off the road! I have no idea where he emerged from, but he came so close to the glass that I didn’t even comprehend that it was a bird at first. Well, after I came to a full stop I could see this young eagle was now to my east and banking around against the morning sun.  He flew west over a high bank then dropped behind the hill. He was gone. Well, I’m always game to try to get a picture of an eagle. I couldn’t see him, but I decided to follow a hunch. I pulled the car off the road properly, grabbed my camera and crossed the road. With an admitted pause, I accepted my fate and set about climbing the steep, wet, muddy and half snow-covered embankment. Yeah, I was going to need to change clothes when I got home! Then, just over the crest, I found him. I lifted my camera as quietly as possible and slipped off the lens cover… Snap! Gotcha Buddy!

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