Warm Up Means Slippery Trails

Warm Up Means Slippery Trails

The good news is that the temps around here are predicted to reach near or above 50F by Tuesday of next week! Sweet! That means lots of folks will want to get out and hike the bluff trails at Devil’s Lake State Park. Sounds like a great idea! The thing to keep in mind if you plan to hike the trails over the next few days is that a fast snow melt means ice and water will be covering slippery steps and precipitous cliff edges. One slip and it’s goodbye…

For years at Devil’s Lake, everyone has tried to get the point across that our rocks, “Baraboo Quartzite”, not only come in a cool purple color, but they are also very, very slippery. Put a bit of ice and water on top, and they could kill you too. It’s something a lot of people don’t really take seriously until they are sitting on top of the bluff having the sudden realization that they can’t walk and their cell phone won’t work in the hills. Hey, it happens. AND you don’t want to test your luck close to the cliff edges by any means. That’s just, “unwise.”

So here’s the thing. Be careful out there. It’s going to warm and beautiful over the next few days, and that’s going to make for some treacherous hiking on the East and West Bluff trails. If you plan to go, don’t take chances. Pick up a cheap pair of ice cleats if possible, and pay attention to every step.

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