Taco Bell®’s Devil’s Lake State Park?

Taco Bell®’s Devil’s Lake State Park?

Now here’s something that slipped under the radar. DNR secretary Cathy Stepp is considering selling naming rights to state parks. No kidding! Well it will have to be a food brand because as secretary Stepp said herself, “Everything’s on the table”.  And let’s face it, when it comes to financing our beautiful state parks, she’s certainly thinking outside the bun.

Another tasty tidbit from the new Wisconsin…

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*** Update: MARCH 7TH – It’s great to hear that DNR spokesman Bill Cosh is now saying Stepp’s comments before the committee about selling naming rights were “taken out of context”.   Now they are saying that only are only considering “sponsorships with facilities or parts of the parks program“.  We’re certainly glad to hear this.  The sponsorship of a building or program within a public park has worked for other parks across the country and done right, would be worth consideration.

For details on this “clarification” check out this WISCNews article.


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