Snowshoe Season Starts Now!

Snowshoe Season Starts Now!

After the weekend’s storm brought 5-7 inches of fresh snow to the Baraboo Hills area, it’s safe to say that FINALLY, finally…. snowshoe season has begun at Devil’s Lake State Park. (At least for the next few weeks will be good according to the groundhog.)

We got out this morning and snowshoed up the East Bluff Woods Trail, then along the southern edge of the East Bluff. It was cold and beautiful out there. If you are on the bluff in the next few days you may find the trail we blazed through the fresh powder.  The reward for our effort was some amazing winter vistas….

Winter at Devil's Lake State Park

Winter visita from the top of the East Bluff

Now I’m sure I don’t need to remind you to be safe out there, but be safe out there. These cliffs are treacherous and the snow often hides deep fissures between the rocks.

If you need to borrow a free pair of snowshoes, head on up to the Nature Center. For more information about snowshoeing at Devil’s Lake State Park click here!

Have fun!

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  1. Seth

    Heading up there on this Thursday.. Hopefully it’s still good conditions 🙂 I know those trails going up the bluff are fun but I learned the hard way trying to come down Balanced Rock trail after it snowed. I made it up CCC and went down BR, wasn’t fun and made me very nervous! Lesson learned lol

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