The Cliff House

The Cliff House

 The Cliff House (Originally called the Minniwauken.) was built along the north-east corner of Devil’s Lake in 1865. It was one of 4 hotels built along the lake in that time period long before Devil’s Lake became a State Park in 1911. Its location is just east of the north shore boat landing where there are now parking lots. There is some discussion that this could be the site of a new nature & conference center. We’ll see. For the moment though, have a look at the animated gif below and compare not only the building, but the lake level and the trees on the East Bluff as they looked “Then and Now”.

The Cliff House Animation

The Cliff House Location, then and now.

To learn more about the Cliff House visit the Sauk County Historical Museum’s website here, or stop up at the Devil’s Lake State Park Nature Center.

*Historic Image provided by the Devil’s Lake State Park Nature Center.


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