Use Care On The Ice

Use Care On The Ice

There was a report that Saturday evening (Jan 24th) a fisherman drove his truck onto Devil’s Lake from the north shore boat landing. About halfway across the lake, the front end of his truck went through the ice. The driver was able to remove his truck without assistance.  This would have happened somewhere along the east side of the lake.  Had the truck gone completely through, it would have been completely under water.

Now is the time of year that folks are driving their 4x4s out onto the lake, usually without incident. However, keep in mind that snow can hide thin areas and the park staff do not monitor ice thickness or changes in the ice conditions.  Just be careful out there.

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  1. David parker

    People should also be aware to stay closer to the shoreline of deeper lakes. The deeper the water get the thinner the ice gets. STICK CLOSE TO SHORELINES ON DEVILS LAKE

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