Camping in June? Private Campgrounds Best Bet.

Camping in June? Private Campgrounds Best Bet.

If you want to came near Devil’s Lake State Park in June 0f 2015, now is the time to reserve a campsite at a PRIVATE campground.

Due to multiple Shower/Flush Toilet Building development projects, the entire Quartzite campground and most campsites in the Northern Lights Campground of Devil’s Lake State Park will be closed through Memorial Day at the earliest. With no clear completion date to go by, it’s not possible to reserve these campsites in advance of course. So, when it comes down to it, if you really NEED a campsite in June, you should be shopping around at our many fantastic local private campgrounds.  CLICK HERE FOR PRIVATE CAMPGROUND INFORMATION.

If you don’t need an electric campsite, you can still reserve many non-electric campsites, mostly in the Ice Age Campground. Devil’s Lake’s group campsites will be open as well.

From our experience last year, the Quartzite & Northern Lights campsites will be “dropped” into the reservation system at the last-minute, when construction over.  So the sites may be open in June, but if you need a site, it’s not worth the disappointment and frustration to wait and “hope” to get lucky.


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