Gun Deer Hunting Continues Through Sunday

Gun Deer Hunting Continues Through Sunday

Wisconsin’s 9 day gun deer hunting season continues through Sunday, November 30th.  According to the StarTribune, hunters killed more than 90,000 deer during the opening weekend of this year’s season.

Here at Devil’s Lake state Park, hunters are active in most areas of the park other than the main public areas near the lake itself.  Hikers and nature lovers are best advised to simply avoid hiking trails within the park during the gun seasons.  If you need to get your outdoor fix, hiking along the lake shores & Tumbled Rocks trail are well out of the hunting zones. While the east and west bluff trails are technically out of the public hunting areas, we still wouldn’t recommend hiking these trails without wearing blaze orange vests and hats.

Hunting & trapping within the park continues in one form or another through the beginning of January.  Visit the DNR website or ask park staff for exact details.

For a map of hunting and non-hunting areas within the park click here.

Stay safe out there!



  1. Joe Salemi

    Hunting in DLSP just seems so wrong in terms of safety and resource management. Are there really too many deer in the park once the surround ding area is culled? Too many bucks?

  2. Author

    Hi Joe,

    I think it’s fair to say that many people are opposed to hunting within Devil’s Lake or any Wisconsin State Park. Although there was some hunting in Devil’s Lake for years, things really expanded when the Department of Natural Resources pushed a new state law – Act 168 known as the “Sporting Heritage Act” that expanded hunting and opened trapping on state park properties in 2012. This issue of “heritage” seems to have trumped any issue of resource management as far as State Parks are concerned.

  3. Jim Blanchard

    Derrick, is there much hunting activity in the park after the 9 day deer gun season? I’m planning on coming up with some friends to run/hike parts of the Ice Age trail including a 1 mile section of the Upland trail loop that’s not part of the IAT.

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