Trumpeter Swans Visiting Devil’s Lake

Trumpeter Swans Visiting Devil’s Lake

By the mid-1880’s Trumpeter swans were nearly extinct.  They were listed as endangered until 2009 in Wisconsin when their population in the state had risen to 200 pairs. Still, it’s not all that common to see them unless you know where to look.

Right now, just a few are visiting Devil’s Lake State Park along with a few Mute swans and a variety of migrating ducks.  It’s hard to guess how long they will stay, but if you visit in the next few days you may be lucky enough to see them floating and splashing away in the water.  But don’t wait too long, they could be gone any day on their way further south for the winter.

If you’d like to help the DNR monitor the trumpeters, you can report your sightings right here.


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