November’s Returned to Nature

November’s Returned to Nature

In November the park is quiet.  It’s not a popular time for humans to visit the lake. On the other hand it IS a popular time for the other creatures who share our world.  Migrating birds, ducks & geese have the water and beaches to themselves. Even the deer feel free to walk slowly across the roads and search normally busy areas for a morsel of green grass.  In November, Devil’s Lake State Park is returned to nature.  It is a time to enjoy the wildlife that is otherwise hidden or far away from this busy park in the summer. It is a time for quiet solitude …  and a warm coat!

Canada Geese by the Chateau at Devil's Lake State Park

Canada Geese by the Chateau at Devil’s Lake State Park

The annual migration of the goose and duck populations has been slow this year, however the sudden heavy snow in northern Wisconsin has sent large numbers of ducks and other birds south. In just the last couple of days we’ve seen large groups of Hooded Mergansers, Buffleheads & Common Goldeneye ducks, Canada Geese, Bonaparte Gulls, right on the lake. A local pair of Bald Eagles have been seen along the water’s edge as well. Nearby an incredible amount Ring-necked ducks had taken over a small pond near the Merrimac Preserve as well. So if birding is your thing, or if you just like to see wildlife in general, now is a good time to take your binoculars down to the lake’s edge.   Just keep in mind that right now most birds & ducks are simply moving through.  They may be gone, or completely replaced by something else when you arrive.

Hooded Mergansers & Bufflehead Ducks on Devil's Lake

Hooded Mergansers & Bufflehead Ducks on Devil’s Lake


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