Light Parade Quartet 2014

Light Parade Quartet 2014

O.K. So really, there are light parades everywhere in the Baraboo hills area every year. The challenge is to see them all!

There are four holiday light parades on tap nearby with the first kicking off in Sauk Prairie on November 21st when they hold their Holiday Light Parade, Tree Lighting & Fireworks Extravaganza 2014 from 6 to 9pm.  We love the parade, but to be honest the big reason to visit this event is for the fireworks over the Wisconsin river.  Great event! – Click here for details.

The very next day, Saturday, November 22nd, you can come to Baraboo for downtown Baraboo’s Christmas Light Parade which goes right around Baraboo’s historic courthouse square. Make sure you arrive early for this one. Parking is always a challenge.  Click here for info & map of the parade route.

The next holiday light parade nearby will be in Portage, WI just 15 minutes east of Baraboo. The Portage Holiday Lighted Parade & Tree Lighting will be held November 28th from 6-7 pm. While this is usually the shortest parade event, they always seem to have more candy than everyone else.  Not sure what’s up with that! For details click here.

Wonewoc Wisconsin Holiday Light Parade

Wonewoc, Wisconsin Holiday Light Parade Float

Now the last event on our holiday parade quartet has certainly become our personal favorite, the Village of Wonewoc’s Lighted Christmas Parade on Saturday December 13, 2014. The small village of Wonewoc is about a 20 minute drive north-west of Baraboo and is located on the State 400 Trail.  What makes this event unique is not just the sheer number of floats and displays brought in from the surrounding communities, but the wonderful small-community feel of the whole event. There is no question, the Wonewoc parade is truly all about the spirit of the holiday and a sense of community.  Of course being a small town, they don’t offer much in the way of information so we provide a link to a Google Map right here. Just get downtown and you’re good. 🙂

Be Prepared

The trick to enjoying holiday light parades is to be prepared.

  • Arrive early.  If you want a good spot along the parade routes (Especially in Baraboo & Sauk-Prairie), get there early.
  • Park and Walk.  Hey, if you hate dealing with traffic as much as I do, just park a few blocks away from the event and walk in. With a little planning you can usually get right out afterward as well if you park in the right spot and don’t mind walking.
  • Dress warm. Be prepared very cold conditions. Remember it may seem warm at first, but after an hour or so you’ll get cold regardless this time of year. Gloves, hats and warm shoes/boots are a must! Keep in mind, small children get colder faster. Dress your kids warmer than you would yourself!  (But we’re outdoor people, we know this stuff right??)
  • Bring Your Own warm drinks and snacks. While we like to support our communities, it can be challenging to find warm drinks and snacks let along time the wait in long lines so that you don’t miss anything. Sometimes it’s just best to bring your own stuff and avoid the aggravation.
  • Bring chairs if you want them.
  • Have CASH IF: In Baraboo & Sauk Prairie there are vendors selling lights and glow sticks. If you want to purchase them for your kids, have cash on hand.


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