Snowshoe Devil’s Lake State Park!

Snowshoe Devil’s Lake State Park!

Snowshoeing is a great reason to get outdoors and stay fit as well! So here’s a bit more info about snowshoeing in the park and around the area including a map of locations where you can get started.

The snowshoeing rules within Devil’s Lake State Park are pretty simple. You can pretty much snowshoe anywhere you like. In Jan, 2018 the Steinke Basin & Johnson Moraine have been designated “Multi-Use” which opens up some nice trails for snowshoeing! Steinke Basin and Johnson Moraine are located to the North-East of the lake itself. Here’s a map of the park’s trails.

If this is your first year or you’re not in “ultra” snowshoeing condition yet, you may want to start simply by hiking around the north shore picnic area, then when you want to add a bit more distance you can work your way up into the campgrounds. The campgrounds are pretty nice snowshoeing areas. Just follow the loops and you won’t get lost!

Early morning along the trail - Roznos Meadow

Early morning along the trail – Roznos Meadow

Other easy trails within the park would be Roznos Meadow on the south-east corner of the park and the Grottos trail just east of the South Shore parking lots.  Grottos is also heavily wooded and nice for those windy days!  (See the map!)

Oh, and don’t forget the lake itself.  Well, when it’s safe anyway!!

If you’re in good shape, then all of the East Bluff and Uplands Trails are yours to explore.  To get up onto the East Bluff, take the East Bluff Woods Trail to avoid the stairs.  There is also a parking area on Hwy 113 which will give you access to both the Uplands and Sauk Point trails… Again, check the map.


Outside of the park, we recommend the Merrimac Preserve Trail which is certainly appropriate for beginners and beautiful to boot!  The Merrimac Preserve is located on Hwy 113 just south-east of Devil’s Lake’s Roznos Meadow Trail.  You may also enjoy the many trails at Mirror Lake State Park and Rocky Arbor State Park.  Check the map for these locations as well.


If you need snowshoes, you’re in luck!  If you want to go try snowshoeing in the park, you can borrow snowshoes absolutely free from the Nature Center located on the North Shore of the park.  They even have kids sizes! The trick is catching them during winter hours!  You’ll now find the Nature Center’s winter hours on our events calendar. That helps a lot!  If you’re not sure, you may want to call ahead.  Although the nature center has a lot of snowshoes, they can still run out on busy weekends.

Important Note: The NC will not loan out snowshoes when there is less than 4 inches of snow on the ground. Wearing snowshoes when there is little snow can break the shoes and flatten the snow cleats. Never wear snowshoes on sidewalks or bare pavement.

If you want to go snowshoeing outside of the park or if the Nature Center is closed, you can rent Snowshoes & XC skies from Wildside in Baraboo. They are located on Hwy 12, just a couple of miles north of Devil’s Lake.


Well, Snowshoeing is pretty basic.  There are a couple of tricks to making the experience a bit easier, however.  If you join in on any of the Winter Snowshoe/hiking events at Devil’s Lake State Park, the naturalist will give you some quick instruction. For some of us, it is just what we need!

Naturalist Explains Bindings To First Time Snowshoer

Naturalist Explains Bindings To First Time Snowshoer.


Snowshoeing is a very accessible sport. All you need are snowshoes, maybe some poles and warm winter clothing.  You can really do it anywhere that you can walk. Our map only gets you started, there are many, many more places to explore here in the Baraboo Hills… Just look at it this way.. if you can hike there in the summer, you can snowshoe in the winter!


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