November & Winter Camping

November & Winter Camping

Due to construction in the north shore campgrounds, late fall and winter campers will have to see if they can slip into the south shore Group Camp area.  Group Camp is completely reserved by groups on weekends through November 16. During the week and going forward individual and family campers will be able to use the group camp on a first-come, first-served basis when the sites are not reserved by a larger group.  One winterized water tap will be available and non-flush restrooms will be open. There are NO Showers. There are no electric hook-ups at the Group Camp.

Now for what it’s worth, If I were camping in the group camp during the winter I would go for site G3 if possible simply because it’s nestled nicely in the woods.  Sites G6, G7 & G8 offer nice views through the bare trees of the bluffs rising on both sides of the Roznos Meadow area.   Site G9 is as close as as you can get to the winterized tap. [Click here for the Group Camp Map] It’s nothing fancy, but hey, winter camping is hard core no matter how you look at it!


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