Quick Fall Color Update

Quick Fall Color Update

Now is a great time to the Devil’s Lake State Park region to take in the fall colors. Right now you’ll find much of the color along the roads and parking areas.  There is lots of color out on Devil’s Lake’s Steinke Basin as well.  That said, we are not at peak color.  A walk deeper into the woods will still have a summer feel and the park entrance road, the one everybody want’s to take a picture of in full color, is still green.

That said, I think that the “Peak Color Weekend” is a myth.  The fall colors actually start subtly and move like a wave through the area depending on temperature, general weather, elevation and pure magic.  If you come to see the fall colors this week, you’ll see a lot, next week probably more, and you’ll still probably get another week in after that… So why not come to the park this weekend.. and the next… and maybe the next… and maybe the next…?

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  1. Wendy Brereton

    Hello! I am planning a day trip down to Devils lake next week or the week after. I know that it is impossible to pinpoint peak fall colors, but do you have any gut feeling which week would be best? We enjoyed the colors last year during a day trip, and the entry road with the yellow trees was beautiful beyond words. What do you think? Thanks, wendy

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