The Dog Doo Paradox

The Dog Doo Paradox

O.K. hikers, I’m sure you’ve seen this bizarre trend out on the trails, right? Crazy dog owners going through the trouble of actually bagging up their dog’s leavings, but then tossing the bag along the trail…, or better yet, placing it on a trail marker or hanging it from a branch?

Whaa? If you can’t cope with pet poop enough to carry it out, how can you pick it up in the first place? boggles the mind. And if that paradox doesn’t fry your brain, think about someone going out of their way to enjoy a “nature trail” but then feeling no qualms about leaving a plastic bag full of doggy doo hanging on a stick…

Dude, are you waiting for the State Park Pet Poop Concierge Service to come along? Do you suppose that the poop fairy will take the bag and then leave a free park sticker for you to retrieve later? Do you believe that leaving the doggy doo in a bag on the trail is better for the environment than if you had simply let the dog do it’s thing off trail in the first place?

I won’t bother asking anyone to carry their bags out, because, well, if you were going to, you are already… Thank you.

Poop Bags Problem Around The Country…

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  1. Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner

    I know. It’s wacky isn’t it? The best I can tell, people are picking up the poo and hanging it on a tree in hopes of spotting it easily on the way back. I say 1) do you think the otger people on the trail really want to see full poop bags hanging off the ” nature” they are trying to enjoy? and 2) Clearly people are just forgetting them because I have seen some pretty weathered ones. Just carry it already. If it’s put inside a ziplock bag it doesn’t even smell.

    Thanks for linking to my post!

  2. Mighty Mighty T-Birds

    Surprise, surprise…..the more dog friendly the park becomes, the more irresponsible dog owner behavior immediately follows. The park should limit the areas for dogs, it just makes sense. The people that are making these changes are treating the park like a landlord making his property “pet friendly” just to compete for business. Devil’s lake will never need to compete for business. It’s OK to ask the public to limit the areas of the park they take Fido to. More area of the park dogs are allowed=more problems with dogs off leashes and poop that is left behind. It’s a no brainier.

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