Road Construction Tips!

Road Construction Tips!

This morning (July 7th, 2014)  construction (and destruction) has started Baraboo’s South Blvd which will impact some visitors to Devil’s Lake State Park.  South Blvd connects Hwy 123 out of Devil’s Lake State Park  to Hwy 12 in one direction and Downtown Baraboo & Hwy 33 in the other. Construction could change the way you get to various locations in Baraboo, but really for most visitors there no need to travel South Blvd at all. We’ve provided a quick Google Map below to get you around South Blvd without having to brave the strange detours and bottlenecks we’re going to see until the construction is complete sometime in November of this year.

On the map below the Blue Route simply uses Hwy 159 to take park visitors to and from Highway 12. The Orange route uses an alternative but easy to navigate city street ( Walnut /Ash) to get you to Circus World, Downtown Baraboo and on out to Hwy 33.

Google Map

South Blvd. Baraboo, Wisconsin

Arriving at South Blvd from Devil’s Lake State Park


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