Bats, Bears & Bows This Weekend!

Bats, Bears & Bows This Weekend!

It’s Archery Days at Devil’s Lake State Park this weekend.  Saturday June 28th & Sunday June 29th from 12:30 to 3:00 you can drop in any time and try your hand with a bow and arrow.  If you’ve never tried it before, there will be certified instructors there to help you and kids of all ages with some target practice.  Not into hunting?  No big deal, Archery’s growing popularity (especially among young girls) has more to do with the Hunger Games than hunting. And that’s great!  Check out this story from NPR, then head over to Devil’s Lake State Park this weekend for a bit of target practice!

Bat Watch

See em??

Of course, there are a couple of other weekend programs at the park to check out this weekend as well.  Starting tonight (Friday June 27th) at 8:45 pm, Park Naturalist, Susan Johansen will be hosting another popular Lawn Chair Bat Watch over at the new Bat Condo on the North Shore near the boat landing. It’s a great time to bring a comfy lawn chair and watch the bats! She’ll have fun bat information and a bat scavenger hunt for the kids to do while the wait to the bats to emerge.

On Saturday night (June 28th) Carl Anderson from the North American Bear center will be talking all about the North American Black Bear.  (Yup, they live at Devil’s Lake Too!) He’ll talk about the many common misconceptions folks have about bears and talk about why black bears are so important and why we should be glad to have them in our area. The program starts at 8pm and will last about an hour.  Just head up to the Northern Lights Amphitheater for that program.

Have a great weekend and as always, be safe!

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