Under The Stars at Devil’s Lake

Under The Stars at Devil’s Lake

On Friday night at Devil’s Lake State Park, the Madison Astronomy Society (MAS) set up their telescopes on the north shore of the lake and shared cool views of the night sky with over 200 park visitors! This new Nature Center program started last year and has become very popular.  What’s not to love? A warm summer’s night at Devil’s Lake State Park under a dome of stars.. wonderful!!

What I find really amazing is that most of the folks enjoying the event didn’t even know about the program in the first place.  As the astronomers set up in the evening, beachgoers, fisherman, Friday fish fry attendees, picnickers and such, are simply drawn over to see what’s going on.  As they stand back watching quietly, the park naturalist heads on over and invites them in to have a look through one of the many telescopes and before you know it, there’s a crowd!


Members of the Madison Astronomy Society, who so kindly volunteer their time (and expensive telescopes) take time to explain every aspect of their gear, their love of the hobby and of course, everything you always wanted to know about our solar system and the universe beyond.  Be sure to listen in for about a minute to the sound file below for a quick feel of the event.

… AND follow along on our blog, Facebook or check the events calendar for the next astronomy event in August of this year.

Listen in as a member of MAB talks “seas” on the moon…

Talking About The Moon

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