Sounds of a Frog Safari

Sounds of a Frog Safari

Last evening just as the sun set and darkness slipped in beneath the forest canopy, 40 to 50 people joined park naturalist, Sue Johansen for a frog safari!  Sue took the large group out to 2 of the park’s loudest frog ponds located along the Johnson Moraine Trail and just east for the Ice Age Campground.  After a short introduction, both parents and kids were set loose!  They made their way through the undergrowth and down to the banks of the ponds with the glow of their flashlights leading the way.  On the banks, the roving beams of light explored the water’s surface for Grey Tree Frogs, Spring Peepers, American Toads, and Green Frogs.  Occasionally someone would catch a frog in their hands or in a net and bring it back up to the group for everyone to see….   Let’s listen in for a minute or so!

If you would like to take part in the next Frog Safari or other park event just check out the events calendar here.


Green Frog

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