Starry Night at Devil’s Lake

Starry Night at Devil’s Lake

The alarm went off just after midnight and we got ready to head outside to watch the Camelopardalid meteor shower.  As always, no one really knows what to expect with these things, and the icy remnants of Comet209P/LINEAR would be no different.  In fact, from our vantage point at Devil’s Lake State Park it was a bit of a dud.  We may have counted 10 in the hour and a half we were out. (And that’s being generous.)  On the up side though, we had an opportunity to sit out on a warm early summer evening under a beautiful blanket of stars.

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Night Fishing at Devil's Lake State Park

A couple fishes on the south shore pier.

For a while we hung out on the south shore boat launch while a couple fished from the pier. Later we drove over to Roznos Meadow along Highway 113.  The glorious cloud of stars we call the Milky Way stretched from north to south over our heads.  In the photograph below, the camera is facing south toward Merrimac and the lights of a passing car can be seen on the road to our left.  What a wonderful evening.. Still, I can’t help but feel a little tired this morning!

Night Sky Roznos Meadow

Taillights under the Milky Way near Roznos Meadow

Cassiopeia over the North Shore of Devil's Lake

Cassiopeia over the North Shore of Devil’s Lake



  1. Keith

    my best memories are looking at that sky as a kid, teenager, father, grandfather……love that place thanks for the photos!!! and your effort!

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