Holiday Weekend “Need To Knows”

Holiday Weekend “Need To Knows”

Whenever you’re on vacation it’s a challenge to find everything and get a general “lay of the land”.  Yeah, we’ve all been there.  Well, with that in mind, here are some “Need To Knows” that may save you a bit of anguish over Memorial Weekend and anytime you visit our area!

1.  O.K.  I have to say it again.  Without camping reservations, the odds of getting a campsite this weekend at Devil’s Lake State Park are around 0.00008.  However, if you start calling private campgrounds right now, you may not have to sleep in the Wal-Mart parking lot!  Merry Mac’s Campground, Nordic Pines Campground & Wheelers are the closest to Devil’s Lake State Park.  Click here for our campground directory.   If you just want to find a hotel, click here.


2.  Family Biking.  It happens all summer.  Families come to Devil’s Lake and ask about the bike trail.  Sadly, they are often sent out to the park’s one lone trail without anyone asking what KIND of biking you’re looking for.  Well, I’m sorry that happens.  You see, the Bike trail at Devil’s Lake is a mountain bike trail.  It’s simply not appropriate for small children or road bikes.  If you want to take your family out biking and really have fun, head over to the 400 state bike trail.  The nearest trailhead is in Reedsburg.  It’s about a 20 minute non-stressful, rural drive.  The Reedsburg Chamber of Commerce office is located right at the trail head and they can sell you a pass. Passes are $4 a day and $20 (16 years and older) for an annual pass.   For more information click here.  For biking gear and servicing here in Baraboo visit Wildside Adventure Sports on Hwy 12 next to Wal-Mart.

3.  Baraboo has 2 larger grocery stores, one in the Wal-Mart Super Center on Hwy 12 and if you continue north to the next major intersection you’ll find Pierce’s Pick-N-Save which is locally owned and operated.  Click here for a map to Pierce’s.

4.  Ticks are out.  Click here for more info on ticks.

5.  The water in Devil’s Lake is too cold to swim. Unless you’re crazy of course…. How cold?

6.  Here’s the list of Monday’s Memorial Day Events from the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Baraboo Veterans Memorial Committee will hold the annual Memorial Day ceremony:
  • 9 AM – Flowers on the water at the Ash Street Bridge
  • 10 AM – Procession to the square
  • 11 AM – Ceremony at Walnut Hill Cemetery
  • 12 noon – Lunch at Legion Hall
  • 11 AM Ho-Chunk Flag Raising Ceremony

7.  South Boulevard.  The road leads from Hwy 12 to Downtown Baraboo.. You’ll know it if you hit it.  We’re all sorry. Really.  Romans built better roads 2000 years ago and they are still better to drive on than South Boulevard.  Think of it as an extension of the Potholes Trail.  Well, it is supposed to be fixed over the summer… so anyway, if you can avoid it …

8.  If you need to keep the kids busy at the park, check out all the weekend events put on by the park’s Nature Center.  Click here for the event list.  Animal Feeding Day, Saturday at 11am is the hot show every weekend!!

9.  This is the last weekend that you can visit the Sauk Prairie Recreational Area before it closes to the public for who-knows-how-long.  Here’s that info.

10.  If you’re looking for a place to eat and have a few drinks.. We suggest you take a free ferry ride across Lake Wisconsin and visit our latest sponsors at Fish Tales!

There’s so much more information I could give you, a lot more is contained right here in this website.  I’d also invite you to “like” and follow our Facebook Page.  We’re on Twitter as well of course. Oh, and lastly.. have a great time, be safe and when you visit local shops and attractions.. be sure to tell them if you found them or heck, even if you’re just a fan of & Skillet Creek.  We can always use your kind words!!

Have fun this weekend!!

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