It’s COLD!

It’s COLD!

As folks get ready to visit Devil’s Lake State Park for Memorial weekend, one of the most common questions is, “How’s the water?”  Well, it’s COLD!! In fact, it was frozen just a few weeks ago! Now the last time we took the temperature at the shoreline, the water was in the mid-50’s, but that is really cold for humans.  Think about this, the average recommended pool temperature for competitive swimmers is 78f t0 80f.  For kids 3 to 5 taking swimming lessons a water temperature of 86f to 90f hits the comfort zone.*

If you just “must” get in the water, we recommend staying close to the shore when swimming and wearing a drysuit when paddling.

So how cold is Devil’s Lake?  Well, even the local heron isn’t too anxious to get his feet wet!!

Great Blue Heron at Devil's Lake State Park

The water is too cold for heron toes!

*Ref: United States Water Fitness Association.

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