No Reservations for Memorial Weekend, Eh?

No Reservations for Memorial Weekend, Eh?

So, it’s that time again.  It’s that time when we inevitably hear from folks who are wondering if they can just drive into Devil’s Lake State Park on Memorial Weekend and get a campsite…  Well the short answer is, “NO” and the long answer is “Nooooooooo”.  Well, no, the long answer is, “Well if you’re born lucky, come a week early and set up a tent on a non-reservable site, then maybe you’ll pull it off.. but it’s not likely…

And no, it makes no difference if you’re sporting a classic VW Westfalia or have the worlds smallest one person tent.  Devil’s Lake is just TOO popular.  Non-reservables will be booked a week or more in advance (See: “setting up a tent a week early…”) and reservables are normally gone months in advance.

So really, if you’ve not put in your reservation for this or really any holiday weekend in 2014, it’s time to start looking at private campgrounds.  There are plenty of them within minutes of Devil’s Lake State Park.  Oh, and for what it’s worth, you’d better get right on that too because there are no guarantees when it comes to private campgrounds either!

Click here for our directory of private campgrounds near Devil’s Lake State Park.  Good luck!


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