Unmarked Helicopters

Unmarked Helicopters

For years alien watchers and conspiracy seekers in the area have mentioned the black, unmarked helicopters that have roamed low in the skies over the Army’s Badger Ordinance plant, now the Sauk Prairie Recreational Area. Some wondered what was “really” going on in there. I mean, why would anyone combine a military ordinance plant with a dairy research center?  It just doesn’t pass the “smell” test.. And why the unmarked choppers plying the twilight skies?

Now, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but many years ago I met a big, secretive man who made his home in Merrimac, Wisconsin not far from the base. He swore something was going on. The fact that he ran an alien conspiracy website at the time notwithstanding. He told me stories of people being chased from the property by choppers and escaped cattle roaming the roads late into the night only to be gone the next morning.  “And we know what was going on with cattle out west don’t we?”

Well, when I took my 13-year-old through the gates of the new Sauk Prairie Recreational Area right after it opened this month, he was more than ready to explore the “abandon base”.  For him it was not about nature, it was about mystery, adventure and… seeing stuff. Oh, and to be sure you will see stuff!  There are abandon buildings, rusty gates, blocked roads and closed areas everywhere you look.  You can’t help but wonder what is hidden down those restricted roads. What could they be hiding?  Well, my son thinks he found one of the secrets! It all starts with a ladder down into a now flooded, underground secret somewhere..  We’ll have to talk about that more one day.

Black Helicopter - Sauk Prairie Recreational Area

Unmarked Helicopter – Sauk Prairie Recreational Area

I was reminded of all this crazy conspiracy stuff just the other day when I was driving through the Sauk Prairie Recreational Area. I was driving past a broken old building I’ve come to call the “Vulture House” due to the vultures lined on its roof the first time I was there. I had just turned a corner when I saw a chopper coming in low from the south-west. It flew in slowly right over my Jeep then languidly circled in front of me until turning again to come back around. I pulled my truck up under cover of some northern white cedar trees and sat still.  The chopper continued around behind me and came into a slow hover so close to the road that dust and grass began to whirl around on the ground.  I drove forward, the helicopter lingered for a few moments before turning east and disappearing in the distance.  I continued on out of the park and headed home.

What’s going on in there?  Maybe you should have a visit and find out!


**Of course we’re just having fun, but as they say, “It’s all about presentation” and exploring an abandon base full of secrets may offer you kids an interesting approach to exploring the new Sauk Prairie Recreational Area. (While you just look for birds of course!!) Just remember, stay out of the restricted areas. Frankly, they’re not safe!  (Oh, and the bit about being circled by the chopper.. that really happened!)


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