Ice Out 2014!

Ice Out 2014!

April 12, 2014 is the official “Ice Out” day this year at Devil’s Lake State Park.  It came as a bit of a surprise. Just the day before, the whole of the lake (Well, 95% of the lake!) was covered with ice! It only took one night for the ice to completely disappear from the surface of Devil’s Lake. No floating ice, no ice on the shoreline or drifted up on the beach. Nothing!  This can happen sometimes when we have a few days of heavy rains, or when the air temperatures are unusually warm.  This time however, we had neither. The ice was just there one day and gone the next.  Amazing.  Spring is here!

Now that the ice is gone, folks will be tempted to get right out on and into the water.  Keep in mind that the water temperatures will be just above freezing.  If you fall in, cold water shock and hypothermia are immediate risks. No one should really be on the water this time of year without a drysuit and life jacket.

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