The Trails? Wet.

The Trails? Wet.

“How are the trails?” Well, that is the most common question we’re asked this time of year! Especially when the weather begins to warm up and everyone wants to get outside.  How are the trails?  Well, wet. By now, most of the snow has melted around the park.  You can still find a bit of snow and ice in areas that don’t get a lot of sun.  Although it seems like winter’s been hanging on, we have had sustained melting temperatures for some time.

So here’s what you can expect;  The main trails on the bluffs and around the lake will be fairly dry with some wet and slippery areas.  Be careful on the staircases and in shaded spots.  The Tumbled Rocks trail along the water’s edge often holds onto some ice here and there around the boulder fields. The Uplands Loop (bike trail), Steinke Basin & Johnson Moraine trails are going to be the wettest and muddiest for some time. While they all start out dry at the trailheads, don’t be fooled.  Either you wear your rubber boots or be prepared for cold, wet feet.  The lowland sections of the Uplands trail are going to be a mess for a while and biking in this area is not recommended.

For the moment the trails along the water’s edge are lake fly free.  That’s not going to last, but we’ll keep you posted!

Until then, have fun, be safe and enjoy the arrival of spring… finally!

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