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Paddling on the Upper Dells in Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin is a paddler’s paradise with thousands of lakes & rivers to choose from.  Here in central Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake is popular not only for its natural beauty, but because power boats are not a concern.  Once outside of state park, paddlers need to share the waterways, but what wonderful waterways!  Below we’ve listed the most popular paddling destinations within a few miles of Devil’s Lake State Park.


  • Paddling The Baraboo River – At one time the Baraboo River was blocked by 4 dams.  Today they have been all removed making the Baraboo river one of the longest stretches of open river in the country.

  • Paddling The Upper Dells of the Wisconsin River – Amazing beauty best viewed by paddlers during the off-season when it’s safe for small human-powered craft.

  • Paddling The Lower Wisconsin River – Kick off in Sauk-Prairie just 15 minutes south of the park, and paddle your way to the Mississippi!

  • Mirror Lake – Mirror Lake is located near Wisconsin Dells, in Mirror Lake State Park.  Lots of wildlife, dark forests, sandstone cliffs, and a strict no-wake policy make Mirror Lake a wonder to explore by canoe or kayak.

* Tips – We offer a variety of tips for paddlers on our Big Map. Just look for the blue canoe icons for boat landings, points of interest & important tips!